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12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

1289 N 2nd St
Abilene, TX 79601

The primary mission of the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum will be to serve as a display and teaching museum for the study of World War II and its impact on the American people.
Educational Program Needs: Funding for our Technical Services Contract: This $1400.00 expense assures that technical expertise is constantly available to fix any equipment or software malfunctions that might impede our teaching ability. Funding for our CILC Membership: This membership ($500.00 per year) affords the Museum the ability to advertise its educational program to schools nationwide, thereby enabling the Museum to reach the widest possible audience. General Maintenance: Covers upgrades to computer hardware and software. Programs Budget: Funds not only research and the scripting of new lessons, but also the purchase of materials and teaching aids. Scholarship Opportunities: We would love to be able to offer Scholarships to Low income schools to help reach more students in the Big Country area. The Scholarship could also offer ability for Staff to come to Schools to speak to students, or pay for the busing of students to the Museum.
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