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Abilene Crime Stoppers, Inc.

450 Pecan Street
P.O. Box 717 79604
Abilene, TX 79602

(325) 676-6627
The mission of Abilene Crime Stoppers, Inc. is to carry out a community offensive against crime through law enforcement, the media and citizen involvement, encouraging all citizens to report anonymous information about criminal activities. Offering rewards for information that helps Law Enforcement solve unsolved crimes.
Dear Fellow Abilenian, there are many reasons why we choose the Abilene area as our home. We all agree that it's a great place to live, worship, raise our children, and work. We believe the Abilene area is safe, and that is something fewer areas can claim. The Abilene area is safer because we all work together to make it so. Crime tears apart the lives of those directly and indirectly involved, breeding fear, anger and helplessness. As caring citizens, we are obligated to do all we can to ensure that our communities are not victimized by criminals. There are more of us then there are those who prey upon us. We believe one of the reasons the Abilene area is safer, is the efforts of our Crime Stoppers Program, which rewards citizens who provide accurate information that leads to arrests and charges filed. Did you know Abilene Crime Stoppers has won several State awards? We are considered one of the premier programs in the State of Texas. We are also known and recognized internationally. Abilene Crime Stoppers is a crime-solving program based on a partnership with the community, media and law enforcement agencies. The program has proven citizen involvement is a powerful weapon in combating and solving crime. It is effective in enhancing and supplementing the efforts of local law enforcement authorities, thereby contributing significantly to the quality of life in our area. Since our beginning in March of 1981, tips helped Law Enforcement arrest 7,166 suspects, clear 9,712 cases, recovered $4,801,630.00 in stolen property and seized narcotics. We have paid $550,264.00 in rewards to citizens for accurate crime-solving information. For every dollar invested in our program, we are returning $8.73 through recovered stolen property and seized narcotics. That's a 873% return on your investment in helping to keep Abilene and Taylor County safer. With your tax-deductible support, We will continue to help make Abilene and Taylor County an even better place to live. BE COME A PARTNER TODAY!
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