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Alliance for Women and Children

1350 N 10th St
Abilene, TX 79601

The Alliance for Women and Children provides quality programs to empower all women and children by educating and assisting women to be health conscious and self-sufficient, and providing a nurturing and safe environment for school aged children.
The Alliance for Women and Children's building is aging and with the passing years, comes necessary repairs. Just like your home, we have plumbing issues, too. The pipes leading out of the building to the sewer system have completely corroded. As you can see in the pictures attached, half of the pipes are completely deteriorated. The Alliance building was built in 1959 furnished by donations of 1200 Abilene citizens with no mortgage - the building was paid in full. The open house for the building was held on March 27, 1960. With the help of Abilene & the Big Country citizens again, our building can be maintained for the future. The building is used now for office space, holiday camps, birthday party rentals, and so much more. As a nonprofit, we work diligently to ensure that the funds we receive improve the lives of the children and families we serve in Alliance After School Care. By keeping our rates nearly 50% less expensive than other licensed after school facilities and providing the necessary safety and oversight that being a state licensed, Texas Rising Star facility affords, we need your help to keep our building maintained. This keeps the other dollars we receive from fundraising events, memberships, grants, and other gifts directed specifically toward keeping our children in a safe and nurturing environment and our families self-sufficient. We have received a matching challenge grant for $5000. By reaching the goal and raising $10,000 collectively, the plumbing repairs will be 100% covered with some additional funding for other areas of the building in need of repairs such as some original flooring. Thank you for your investment in our community through the Alliance for Women and Children!
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