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New Beginnings Big Country

P.O. Box 4193
Abilene, TX 79608

To provide a Christ-based atmosphere and safe environment in which to LIVE, as we work with women who are coming out of the jail/prison system. We help them transition back into the community to live a productive, new life in Christ as well as develop life skills that help restore relations in the areas of family, work, society and business. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our largest home, is being sold, and we are in prayer to purchase it. With 33 women in New Beginnings-Big Country, housing and learning to be productive citizens are top priorities for us, doing so in a way that puts Christ first. Our mission is to carry these women from past incarcerations to walk in freedom – both physically and spiritually – so safety and security play a huge role in our success rate. Not only does this home house up to 12 women, it has ample storage and a pool where we perform baptisms. It has been our home since 2012; and we desperately want it to remain as such, in keeping with God’s will. Our day-to-day needs are basic and ongoing. We provide for necessities continuously for women coming out of jail/prison who have NOTHING more than the clothes on their backs. As the Lord provides for us, we are better able to provide for these women who need a helping hand to start their life on the right foot and continue in the right direction.
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