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Noah Project, Inc.

5802 Texas Avenue
Abilene, TX 79601

(325) 676-7107
Noah Project’s mission statement is “Empowering victims to become survivors and working to end domestic violence and sexual assault.” When contacted on our 24 hour Crisis Line, our goal is to supply more than safe haven in times of danger. Noah Project offers services to women or men, their children, and unaccompanied youth who need warmth, encouragement, emergency food and clothing, and temporary shelter. More than that, our advocates connect clients throughout a ten-county region with available social services and provide training that includes a personalized safety plan, job interviewing skills, proper nutrition, and parenting. Noah Project also provides on-site counseling and legal assistance for clients and their children. Our Primary Prevention teams conduct classes in schools, instructing students from Pre-K to college about healthy relationships, bullying, and conflict resolution.
Noah Project’s funding needs center around services for women or men, their children, and unaccompanied youth who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Your gift ensures there will be staff to answer our Crisis and Line 24 hours a day with information that can save lives. You ensure that those who come to our shelter afraid, bruised, and often hungry are met with food, encouragement, and a warm, safe bed to rest without fear. Without your generosity we couldn’t afford to offer free legal services, such as protective orders, to keep a mother and her children safe from their batterer. Your gift means thousands of Big Country schoolchildren will receive instruction and encouragement to break the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities. Because of your gift, lives will be changed…and a life may be saved.
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