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Paid Maternity Leave

533 Park Ave
Abilene, TX 79603

Paid Maternity Leave is in need of funding so that we can begin to assist women in desperate need of maternity leave. These mothers work hard however their jobs do not afford them the opportunity to have a full 3 months of maternity leave. That is were our organization steps in. Our hope is to pay for bills and offer assistance to each Mother in need of relief during the precious time with her baby.
Our goal is to make sure each mother receives $6,000 for the full 3 months of maternity leave. If we can even help one mother with the stress and worry of not having enough money to stay home with her child. We would have accomplished changing a life forever. We hope to provide these mothers with not only monetary support but also resources to make sure they are taking care of themselves. We have a system in place that will ensure that women get the help needed.
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