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Taylor County Child Welfare Board

3610 Vine Street
Abilene, TX 79602

The Taylor County Child Welfare Board supports Child Protective Services in an effort to advocate for and increase the effectiveness of services to vulnerable children and families while promoting prevention of child abuse and neglect so that all children live in a loving, nurturing and safe environment.
So often, children removed by Child Protective Services enter a world of unknowns - new caregivers, new home, and sometimes even a new city and school. At times, they are able to return home after their guardians go through services and treatment, at other times, they are put into permanent care with a relative or foster parent. Whatever their future holds, it's important to make time for family time. We are appealing to the community to help us host events that will bring foster families together.... so that we may heal our children, one family unit at a time. These events will focus on creating a network of support, education and care for foster parents alike in the Taylor County area.
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