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Taylor County History Center

133 N. William Street
Buffalo Gap, TX 79508

The mission of the Taylor County History Center shall be to collect, preserve, and exhibit artifacts, structures, and landscapes of historical, cultural, and environmental nature of the last fifty years (1875-1925) of the West Texas Frontier. The artifact and archive collections shall be used for educational, scholarly, and genealogical research to provoke continued learning in our visitors.
Taylor County has an amazing history with a cast of fascinating individuals. Unfortunately, many of the memories, stories, and connections to the past are disappearing with the passage of time. Many community members have started visiting the History Center to share their stories and bring copies of their family photographs to be kept in our archives. Our staff has learned about the people who built this town, where buildings were located, and even the funny quirks that only a small town could have while visiting with our neighbors for hours. With valuable resources living in our community, we want to capture these snapshots of history for future generations. Due to the cost to undertake such a large project as collecting the oral histories of Taylor County, we have been unable to fully take on this project to its fullest potential. With the new partnership between Taylor County and the Taylor County History Center, we now have cohesive support of our mission and the faith of the community to properly record their stories. This project will bring together the rural towns of Taylor County, and allow them to share untold stories and facts that may have been long forgotten. We would like to conduct both personal and group interviews, primarily because one person's story might spark other people's memories. The staff's biggest concern is the quick passage of time and how rapidly we're losing The Greatest Generation. This group not only has incredible stories of their own to tell, but they grew up listening to stories from their grandparents, who lived during the "frontier years" of our County. We've been doing the best we can to record these stories with the limited resources that we have, but with financial assistance, we'll be able to more efficiently gather the stories and record them in a fashion that can be more accessible to the public and more easily preserved. Time remains our biggest enemy and our greatest concern.
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