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What is Abilene Gives and when will it take place?

Abilene Gives is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Community Foundation of Abilene to grow philanthropy in Abilene and surrounding areas. Abilene Gives will begin at midnight on May 1st and all event related donations must be made through between midnight and 11:59 p.m.

The minimum donation is $10 and there is no maximum. Additional funds and prize money will be made available to amplify charitable donations. The goal is to inspire our community come together for 24 hours to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the work of local nonprofit organizations. Abilene Gives, which is based on other successful giving days hosted by community foundations across the country, strives to be Abilene’s largest day of giving ever!

How does it work?

The Community Foundation of Abilene has an online platform at that will have searchable profiles of participating nonprofits and a real-time leaderboard on the day of the event. All donations will be processed through this website. Nonprofits and donors can track fundraising totals throughout the day. Anyone can donate to their favorite nonprofits beginning at midnight on May 1 via

Why give through

We encourage supporting local nonprofits with year-round giving, but the Community Foundation of Abilene is creating a special day of giving on May 1, a day to celebrate the spirit of generosity and support the work of our community nonprofits. Plus, donations made through  during that 24 hours will be amplified by the Community Foundation of Abilene and its supporters. Donations will also help participating nonprofits qualify for prizes that will be offered during the event.

What is the amplification fund and prize structure?

The Community Foundation of Abilene is working to secure amplification funds and prize dollars from community supporters and partners. The Community Foundation of Abilene will amplify, on a pro-rated basis, the total of donations made during Abilene Gives. It is not a dollar for dollar match. The amplification percentage will be calculated the day after Abilene Gives. Online gifts can help your favorite nonprofit(s) win available cash prizes that will be awarded throughout the day. The prize winners will be announced via social media and can be viewed on the leaderboard.

Who can make a donation during Abilene Gives?

Anyone with a credit or debit card can make a donation to a participating nonprofit that has a profile on on May 1, 2018. You do not have to have a Community Foundation of Abilene Fund or live in the Abilene area to donate. If you do not wish to donate online, contact the Foundation office at (325) 676-3883 so we can process your donation on May 1.

How do I make a donation?

Starting at midnight on May 1 go to and use a credit or debit card to donate to a single nonprofit or to multiple nonprofits. You will have a full 24 hours to make a donation and will have the ability to search for nonprofits by name or by category. Participating nonprofits will have a profile page on where you can choose the amount you want to donate, from $10 on up.

Abilene Gives supported browsers include Internet Explorer 9 & 10, the latest two versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iPhone/iPad I0S 7, and Android. Older internet web-browsers do not provide sufficient security for donors and are not supported. If you have an unsupported browser and wish to make a donation, please contact our office at (325) 676-3883.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes!  Donations made through Abilene Gives are 100% eligible for a tax deduction. Donors will immediately receive an email confirming the deduction from the Community Foundation of Abilene, a 501(c)(3) charity (always consult your CPA regarding your specific ability to deduct contributions). By selecting a specific charity to receive the donation, the gift is restricted for that charity and will not be given to any other charity. Donations cannot be designated for a specific program at a nonprofit, although a participating nonprofit is free to indicate that it will use donations that day for a specific purpose.

What are the minimum and maximum donation amounts?

The minimum donation amount is $10. There is no maximum donation. However, individual donations greater than $10,000 will only be eligible for the amplification up to the first $10,000. All gifts made on are non-refundable.

How much of the donation goes to the nonprofit?  Are there fees involved?

All gifts, minus credit card and transaction fees, will be paid to your selected organization. Credit card and transaction fees are estimated at 6-6.5% - this includes the fee paid to Kimbia, which is the Community Foundation of Abilene’s giving day technology partner. Donors will be given the option to cover these fees when they make their donation online.

There is a $100 fee which will be deducted from each participating nonprofit organization’s total following Abilene Gives on May 1, 2018.  This participation fee will help the Community Foundation cover costs related to site set up and administrative costs.

Which organizations are participating in Abilene Gives?

Our goal is to have the participation of all nonprofit organizations that are located in or provide substantial services in Abilene or immediately-surrounding areas. The Community Foundation of Abilene will verify that all participating nonprofits are 501(c)(3) public charities and are in compliance with IRS reporting requirements. All participating organizations are required to complete their profile by April 1, 2018.

Can someone give to more than one organization?

Yes.  Donations can be made to single or multiple organizations with the ability to donate in a single transaction. Only the nonprofits registered on may receive donations during this event.

What if a nonprofit is not listed on the Abilene Gives website?

Nonprofits are required to create their profiles by April 1, 2018.  If a nonprofit does not have a profile on the Abilene Gives website, then donations cannot be made to them via However, our effort is to make May 1 the largest giving day in Abilene and we encourage supporters to make a donation to them via mail and encourage the nonprofit to participate in Abilene Gives next year!

Can a donor give multiple times and help nonprofits qualify for prizes for “the most donors?”

A donor is defined as one individual or corporation/business, using a distinct credit card.

Can donations be made using a smart phone?

Yes. Our technology provider has a "mobile optimized platform" that will make it easy to make a donation on using a smart phone.

Are donations safe and secure?

Yes. The website is powered by Kimbia, and is a secure PCI-Level 1 compliant site for donating to charities. Donors can be sure their personal information is protected when donating through our Kimbia platform.  Kimbia, nor the Community Foundation of Abilene, will not store, nor have access to a donor's credit card information.  Please feel free to review Kimbia's Privacy Policy.  The Community Foundation of Abilene will never share contact or other private information with anyone or any organization other than the receiving nonprofit, unless the donor chooses to have their donation remain anonymous.

Beyond a donation, how can someone support nonprofits on this day?

Once donations have been made, supporters can spread the word among friends and networks about Abilene Gives and the good work nonprofits do in our community.  Nonprofits may also have online media campaigns in preparation for the giving day and an event on or surrounding the giving day to energize members, volunteers and donors to build excitement and encourage giving.

I have a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation.  Can I use it for Abilene Gives?

Yes, but donations using a Community Foundation donor advised fund must be recommended before May 1, 2018.

How will a donor be recognized?

Donors will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt from the Community Foundation of Abilene via email.  Nonprofits will thank donors as well and let them know how their donation will make a difference.  Donors can choose to make anonymous donations and will still receive a tax receipt, but will not receive a thank you from the nonprofit organization.

What organizations are eligible to participate?

Organizations will be required to set up a profile on site by April 1, 2018. Eligible organizations are, 501(c)(3) public charities that provide substantial services to Abilene and immediately-surrounding areas. For nonprofit organizations that do not have a mailing address in Abilene or the surrounding area, the Community Foundation will make a case-by-case determination regarding whether or not the nonprofit provides "substantial services" and qualifies for Abilene Gives.

Funds raised through Abilene Gives are to be used for services in Abilene or an immediately-surrounding area. An eligible organization may only have one profile on the Abilene Gives site. A nonprofit's organizational description can be generic or can indicate that funds raised through Abilene Gives will be used for one or more specific purposes that fulfill the nonprofit's exempt purpose.

Why should a nonprofit participate?

Abilene Gives provides nonprofits with the opportunity to raise awareness about their mission, reach new donors, and build online fundraising skills. Nonprofits are also eligible to receive amplification funds and prizes during the event.

Can a nonprofit win more than one incentive prize?

Yes. More information regarding prizes will be announced prior to May 1.

How are the amplification funds determined?

At the completion of Abilene Gives, the Community Foundation of Abilene will determine each nonprofits’ proportionate share of the amplification funds by dividing the total amount each charity raises by the total amount of the donations to all participating nonprofits. This amount will then be multiplied by the total amount of the dollars in the incentive pool. *Reminder the amplification is not a dollar for dollar match and will be determined after all donations are received. For example: CFA secures $100,000 in amplification dollars, total raised during the day $500,000, NPO #1 raises $25,000 (or 5% of the total of the day), NPO #1 receives an amplification of $5,000 (or 5% of the amplification funds).

How can nonprofits make the day a success?

Once the nonprofit has completed their profile on, they will receive a toolkit with a timeline for making the day a success for the nonprofit and will be eligible to participate in free trainings that the Foundation will sponsor.  We encourage nonprofits to set up accounts on social media to help promote their organization throughout Abilene Gives. Also, have fun on May 1! Creativity and energy will help make it a success!

Can nonprofits host a special event?

Yes! We encourage nonprofits to plan an event, partner with other participating nonprofits, or connect with local businesses to raise awareness about Abilene Gives on May 1. The more a nonprofit promotes their participation in Abilene Gives, the more it will benefit.

Can nonprofits encourage donations by giving away prizes or free gifts?

No. The Community Foundation of Abilene will issue an electronic gift acknowledgment to each donor stating that their gift is eligible for a tax deduction. Donations made through Abilene Gives may not be used to pay for anything that might be perceived as material benefit to the donor and it is each participating nonprofit organization’s responsibility to be compliant with IRS regulations for charitable deductions and will be responsible to inform its donor if they are unable to deduct their full gift amount. Failure to comply could prevent organizations from participating in Abilene Gives in future years.

When will nonprofit organizations receive their Abilene Gives donations?

Nonprofits will receive all donations, amplification funds, and prize money in an unrestricted grant within 90 days of Abilene Gives from the Community Foundation of Abilene.

What if the amount the nonprofit expected based on the initial Abilene Gives results does not match the final disbursement?

Although each nonprofit will be able to see their gifts in real time, please be aware that reconciliation must be completed and, even though gifts are considered nonrefundable, a donation can be revoked for a variety of reasons from the time of receipt to the time of disbursement. Therefore, donation "reports" cannot be considered final until the nonprofit receives the disbursement from the Community Foundation of Abilene.

Will the nonprofit organization send tax deduction letters?

No. The donor will immediately receive an email confirming the gift receipt from the Community Foundation of Abilene during the event.  However, the Community Foundation of Abilene does encourage nonprofits to acknowledge donations by following-up with donors and sharing how their contribution helps to fulfill their mission.

Will the nonprofit organization receive donor information for acknowledgments?

Yes.  The Community Foundation of Abilene will provide nonprofits with the contact information of all donors to their organization and the amount donated unless the donor asks to remain anonymous.

How can I find out more information about the Community Foundation of Abilene?

Visit the Foundations website at or contact us at (325) 676-3883.

What if I still have questions about Abilene Gives?

Contact Foundation staff at (325) 676-3883 or [email protected].


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